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SunSpa provides a growing range of exciting high-quality sunless tanning products.  A brief description of each retail product, with a photo, appears in our on-line shop. Products for sale to professionals are available to registered users on this site. If you are looking for spray tanning kits or spray tan solution for individual or salon use, what follows is a general guide of what’s on offer.


SunSpa’s sunsprays are spray tan solutions that can be applied to all skin types, the fine mist spray tan results in a natural looking tan. Application is through a spray tan sunspray system.

All three sunless tanning sunsprays, are natural, kind to the skin, fast drying and absolutely streak-free. They are available in two sizes 1 litre and 2 litre.

The three sunsprays available are:

    • Natural Bronze Plus. This sunspray has a unique formulation that is proven to deliver perfect tans every time. Designed to give clients a natural, flawless and convincing tan.
    • Deep Bronze. This tanning solution is a unique formulation specifically designed to give a darker and deeper tan with a difference. It also helps protect the skin from the environment.

If a client asks you which is best for their skin then you can start by taking them through the above descriptions. It helps to offer to spray a small test area first to check which is best for them.

What’s special about SunSpa sunsprays?

The main active ingredient in almost all sunsprays is a type of sugar called DHA. We only use high grades of DHA to give a truly natural look, unlike the orange look of some budget products. Our cosmetic chemists are constantly working on better formulations to get the most natural look possible whilst also being kind to the skin. SunSpa sunsprays contain no alcohol, and therefore they don’t dry out the skin. Our sunsprays also contain anti-wrinkle agents and anti-oxidants.


You (or your clients) can top-up your tan at home with the aid of an aerosol spray tan Tan-in-a-Can.



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