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How to Get a Perfect Tan


What is the best way to get a perfect tan? How would you describe a perfect tan? We think it should have a natural-looking colour and be evenly spread with no white patches or lines.

Here’s how you can get a tan just like that. We start by pointing out some things to avoid.

Although at face value you might expect that tanning in the sun would be the preferred option. It isn’t! If you think about it then it’s easy to see that tans obtained through sun bathing can easily be rather poor because it’s so easy to end up with unevenness, white lines and white patches or nasty red patches. On top of all that the sun’s rays are harmful with a risk of cancer and aging affects on the skin. The safety factors also rule out sunbeds which are very easy to over-use with unpleasant longer term consequences.

We know we are biased but we think the best way to get a perfect tan is to be sprayed with high quality tanning solution spray tan like SunSpa sunspray by an experienced beauty therapist.

Make sure you prepare your skin beforehand by exfoliating. It not only helps the tanning solution go on more evenly and take well, but also helps the spray tan to last a bit longer.

And, to keep that tan in tip top order, you can top it up with a product like SunSpa Tan-in-a-Can.

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